15 Guilty Pleasure Movies for Your Duvet Day

Some days you just need to spend the day with your duvet, a pile of snacks, and a playlist of movies that you should be (but you’re totally not!) ashamed to love. Don’t worry if you’re hungover, a bit down, or just need to unwind, we’re here to help you through it with this list of our personal favorite guilty pleasure movies.

1. Legally Blonde

So good they made it into a stage musical. Reese Witherspoon takes her pink wardrobe and pet Chihuahua to Harvard law school to win her boyfriend back. We love that it is not believable in the slightest!

2. Enchanted

Unbelievably upbeat and featuring a huge impromptu musical number in the middle of Central Park, this romantic Disney musical will definitely make you smile.

3. The Devil Wears Prada

Imagine what it would really be like working for a glamorous fashion magazine and just how you would cope working for the stylish yet scary Meryl Streep…

4. The Notebook

It wouldn’t be a duvet day movie list without this absolute gem of a romance. Oh Ryan Gosling!

5. Mean girls

We quote it so often that we almost forget how good it is to actually watch this movie start to finish!

6. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

An 80s feel-good classic, where we just wish we could be as lucky, self-assured and successful in our schemes as Ferris on his crazy day off school.

7. Pretty woman

Isn’t it every girl’s fantasy to fall in love with a handsome billionaire who sends you shopping in Beverly Hills with his card?! Plus it features Richard Gere in his prime (but we didn’t really need another reason…)

8. Bridesmaids

Because even after watching it 30 times it still makes us laugh! It’s the ultimate feel good film and is all about loving your girlfriends.

9. 10 things I hate about you

90’s nostalgia is a winner when you’re hungover. We can’t resist this movie because Heath Ledger is a DREAM and we love how Julia Styles made it cool to not be the typical prom queen.

10. The Goonies

More nostalgia here in this 80’s childhood adventure movie. With a combination of Sloth, the truffle shuffle and a great one liner – “Hey you guys!” – what more do you need?!

11. Casino Royale

Ok, this is purely in the list for the Daniel Craig factor, but who doesn’t love the elegance and excitement of a James Bond movie?

12. Tangled

Full of catchy songs, this isn’t just about finding “true love” like your typical usual Disney princess film. And then there’s that floating lantern scene which is totally magical.

13. Les Misérables

There’s something about singing along to a musical that we secretly love, and Les Misérables is full of amazing songs. We can’t resist fist pumping to ‘Do you hear the people sing’.  Vive La France!

14. Sleepless in Seattle

This 90s romcom starring Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan must surely be considered a classic now. Don’t take the story too seriously – it’s definitely one for the romantics!

15. Zoolander

Any good duvet day has to involve some comedy, so we’ve chosen Zoolander for the fact that is it both hilarious and about fashion (kinda!)

Make sure you enjoy your movie list with lots of chocolate and ice cream. And why not treat yourself to some cute new sleepwear from our collection too?!

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