5 Running Tips For Beginners

Whether it’s a late New Year’s resolution, a new hobby/interest or you’re generally just looking to increase your fitness levels and unsure where to start,  see our 5 running tips that you need to swear by when starting out.

1. Treat your feet 

The first step to take is getting the right pair of trainers. Don’t just buy trainers based on how cute they are – think fit and feel not fashion. Your shoes are the support for your feet when you’re running; you need them to be comfortable and substantial. You can use runner’s world shoe finder to get an idea of the stores that have the type of trainer you need.


2. Find your motivation

Trainers ready, but maybe it’s cold and raining outside, maybe you’re just dreaming of a day on the couch with Netflix or maybe you’ve had a long day in work and you just want to chill out. It can be really hard getting into the routine of running so it helps to have a big motivator. Are you going on holiday? Got a wedding coming up? Or do you just want to improve your fitness levels? Think about what will motivate you to go for a run. Running with a friend can help with this as neither of you want to let the other down. Another way to make the idea of running more fun is creating an upbeat playlist that will get you through it. See our top 12 running songs below.


3. Don’t feel you’re failing by stopping

Starting out can be really tough on your body if you haven’t done long distance running before. Don’t sweat it if you need to stop and walk for a few minutes – in fact stopping for a few minutes during a run can help towards improving endurance. When first starting out the best thing to do is a mixture of running and walking, for example run for a minute, walk for a minute. A guide towards reaching your first 5K can be found here.

As time goes on and the more runs you go on, you will find you can run for more minutes and need fewer minutes ‘rest’. It’s all about building up your stamina.


4. Stick to the plan

You’ll see the best results when you make a schedule for your running. It might sound a bit strict but it does help you carry on. If you make running a part of your daily routine it’s a lot easier to stick to. If you have to miss a run, try and get it in on a different day of the week. It’s important to incorporate rest days in this too, as your muscles need rest in order to get stronger and you’re likely to have injuries if you don’t let your body relax (this is where you can binge on Netflix).


5. Challenge yourself

The more you push yourself the more accomplishment you’ll feel. It’s all in the mind. If you find your normal route is becoming a bit easy, change it up and try to climb the hill or go the extra distance. Although it might hurt it’s worth the feeling afterwards, and you’ll find pushing yourself to do a mixture of flat and uphill routes will improve your fitness levels allowing you to run for longer. Reward yourself with some new activewear; a new running tee or the pair of shoes you’ve been wanting when you’ve accomplished something new – that way you’re always working towards something!


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