15 Reasons Girls Do It Better

Girl power is taking over this year and we’re 100% backing it. Here’s 15 reasons that us girls do it waaaaay better!

1. Fixing things

DIY? Replacing fuses; fixing fridges; climbing ladders?! *Eye roll*.  We don’t feel pressured to know how to fix things in the house. We can get away with relaxing on the couch and shouting the occasional ‘how’s thing’s going?’

2. Our social media skills

We could be recruited for the FBI for our social media stalking skills. Your ex has a new girl on the scene? We know where they met & where he’s taken her. Your new date was in hospital when he was 6? We found that out weeks ago but we’ll pretend we had no idea about it when he tells us.

3. Ladies night

High five to the clubs that let us in for free because alcohol can really fix our problems. We can get our drinks bought for us and we don’t even need to practise pickup lines.

4. No facial hair

So, guys are really hairy. I mean, they’ll never know what it feels like to shave your legs and feel how soft they feel against your clothes. Seriously, they have to shave their face on a daily basis?! That’s just too much commitment.

5. We’re better at communicating

We’re so good at listening and telling each other how we feel! We work together to help each other feel great about ourselves.

6. Names

Girls can pull off unique names better than guys. If you call a girl a guy’s name it’s cool, but if you call a guy a girl’s name it’s girlie.

7. We’re weird

We can make up a dance routine with our friends to Backstreet Boys or cry for an hour at a picture of a baby sloth and we won’t get judged.

8. Make up

If we wake up in the morning with a huge zit we have make up to conceal it. We also have the option of creating a different look for ourselves every day. For more inspiration check out our 20 must-know lazy girl beauty tips.

9. Diamonds

We’re treated with earrings, pendants, diamonds and more! Who gets two rings instead of one when we get married? WE DO.

10. Our wedding day is really about us

Who are we all kidding; the wedding is about the bride. No one gets excited about how the groom is gonna look

11. Being a daddy’s girl is cute

 Being close to your Dad is cool. Just look at Hilary Duff in A Cinderella Story or Lindsey Lohan in The Parent Trap!

12. We have company in the bathroom

Some of our best friends were made on drunken nights in the bathroom. It’s never seen as weird if you and your friend get up from the dinner table to go the toilet together.

13. Time of the month

We know it can be a horrible time but it does have its perks. It’s the only excuse we have for eating chocolate all week and being moody. “It’s not me it’s my PMS!”

14. We’re amazing at multi-tasking

We can text, put our make up on and decide what we’re having for lunch and be happy, confused and lonely at the same time.

15. Clothing options

We have so many more clothing options, meaning we can slay every day in completely different looks. We can even pull off guys clothes – ‘the boyfriend blazer’; ‘the boyfriend jean’. See the hottest pieces we have right now.

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