Relaxation Tips You Can Use Every Day

As today is National Relaxation Day we think it’s the perfect reminder of how important it is to unwind. Fitting relaxation into our daily lives can help reduce stress and anxiety as well as improving general wellbeing, and if you have trouble sleeping then this could help you with that problem too! We may all be busy but it’s important to make some time to chill out, and we have some easy relaxation tips you can use every day.

Take a Break from all Your Devices

This tip is the key to all the other tips. You’ll always struggle to unwind while you are distracted by the constant pull of what’s happening on Twitter right now. Switch off all your devices for half an hour each day while you focus on relaxation, and have a cut-off point each night so that after 9pm your home is a device-free zone.

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Practising mindfulness is as simple as being present in whatever you are doing. Take a step back from multitasking and focus purely on the present moment. You don’t even have to take any time out of your day to do anything extra – it could be as simple as slowing down to focus on the meal you are eating. Read more about mindfulness here.

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Focus on Your Breathing

Try simple breathing exercises like this one to relax in under 10 minutes. It will help you slow down, feel calmer and it’s perfect to help you get to sleep at bedtime.

How to do it:

Sit or stand, but make sure your shoulders and body are relaxed. Breathe in slowly through your nose for 2 counts. Hold the breath for a moment, and then slowly release through the nose for 4 counts. If the 2-4 count feels too short, increase it to 4 counts in, 7 counts out.

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Listening to music is a great way to unwind. You could try meditating to some calming music or just pull together a playlist of feel-good tunes and spend some time chilling out listening to them. Put everything else to one side and just enjoy yourself!

Go Outdoors

Many people swear by the calming effects of fresh air and exercise, so head outdoors for a walk. Don’t forget to notice all the sounds and sights – focus on your environment instead of letting your mind wander to work stresses or personal issues. And if you don’t have time for long walks in the evenings, why not use your lunch breaks to get out of the office for a 30 minute walk each day.

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Do Something Creative

It’s true that it can be hard to be creative if you’re stressed, but taking up a hobby such as painting or cooking is a great way to calm your overactive mind. Don’t worry about what to paint or whether the finished item is going to be perfect – it’s more about enjoying yourself and focussing your mind on what you are doing.

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What are your favorite ways to relax, and will you be doing any of them today?

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