5 Minutes with Maddy Jones, Editor of Plus Model Magazine

If you’re in need of some career inspiration, spend 5 Minutes with Maddy Jones and find out how she started her journey to finding her dream job as Editor of Plus Model Magazine.

5 Minutes with Maddy Jones

How I started my journey into my dream job

I’ve always had an entrepreneurial spirit. I worked in corporate America for many years and always had a passion project going on in order to express myself. One day I found myself without a job and I didn’t know what I was going to do – would I continue to work without passion or should I dive into the creative field?

I had joined a modeling forum (before social media was a thing!) and a group of girls were going to Arizona for a photo shoot with a very well-known photographer who also was shooting a cover for BBW Magazine (plus size magazine). So I took my rent money, bought my flight and roomed with six other girls in ONE hotel room. I figured that this was a great opportunity to meet the creative director of the magazine and work with the same photographer. There were no guarantees, but at the very least I would walk away with amazing photos.

So what happened?

I’m sitting in the makeup chair with no makeup on, my hair a complete mess and the Creative Director walks in and looks at me and says… you’re a model?! (I think it took me like 3 minutes to answer…lol.) She walked away and I didn’t see her again for hours. When she came back I was shooting my third look and I could see her from the corner of my eye looking at me. I was so nervous!

At the end of the shoot she asked for my information and said I had great potential, and a few weeks later she emailed me for a magazine editorial! The editorial was seen by people at the forefront of the plus size industry at the time, and this was how I began to meet people, network and started my career without having the advantage of social media.

5 Minutes with Maddy Jones 2

Since then I followed my journey and embraced being #SimplyMe in my dream job!


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