Book Lovers Day

We have a full team of book lovers here at Simply Me so we thought we would share our favorites with you to celebrate National Book Lovers Day.

Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen

Chosen by Jen, Email and CRM Team

I have probably read Pride and Prejudice about 15 times and still never get bored of Elizabeth Bennet (probably the greatest leading lady in any book ever!) and the way her feelings for the proud Mr Darcy develop from hate to love. It’s the perfect classic, giving you a feel of what life was like in England in the 19th century, and is both witty and romantic.


Love You Dead, Peter James

Chosen by Chloe, eCommerce Team

Murderous, gold digging, beauty Jodie Bentley is on a mission to rob her past, present and future husbands of their millions and their lives but Brighton based Detective Superintendent Roy Grace is onto her. The 12th book in a series about Roy Grace that will keep you hooked until the last page.


Pretty Honest: The Straight-Talking Beauty Companion, Sali Hughes

Chosen by Alice Neal, Acquisition Team

This is a must read for any fellow beauty lovers; it’s full of make-up tips, skincare saviours and straight talking beauty advice. Hughes has been a beauty journalist for years and her expertise shows; it gets rid of the latest marketing trends and breaks beauty down to the basics and offers well-researched advice. Plus the cover makes it a great display book for your coffee or dressing table.


A Thousand Splendid Suns, Khaled Hossenini

Chosen by Rebecca, eCommerce Team

A tale of two women born years apart as they navigate through the patriarchal society of Afghanistan and a brutal Taliban takeover. The friendship and love between these two women becomes a powerful force as they navigate the harsh realities of their world and overcome the most daunting obstacles with astounding heroism. Hossenini’s second novel is both heart-warming and heart-breaking.


I am Pilgrim, Terry Hayes

Chosen by Richard, eCommerce Manager

– because it’s ace!


IT, Stephen King

Chosen by Emily, Email and CRM Team

It’s set in Derry, Maine and follows the story of 7 children who are terrorized by a eponymous being. It takes different forms to exploit the children’s fears and phobias, but it’s main form is Pennywise the clown as its main victims are young children. It’s told in two time periods, in the children’s childhood and in their adulthood when ‘IT’ starts happening again. Perfect for any horror fans. The re make of the film is being released 8th September 2017, trailer found here.

The Lorien Legacies series, Pittacus Lore

Chosen by Sarah, Business Support

I love this series! They are easy reads and because the story is all based around super powers, aliens and teenage love stories you can really zone out and get invested in the story. Also the first book, I Am Number Four, was made into a film starring Alex Pettyfer (swoon) and Dianna Agron; again a very easy and entertaining watch. A few are packed for my next vacation!


Alice in wonderland with Sir John Tenniel illustrations, Lewis Carroll

Chosen by Suzanne, Retention & CRM Manager

This just brings up warm Childhood memories. Fabulous black & white line drawings (even though my mum had colored some in when the book was hers as a child!). I can’t picture Alice and her friends looking anything other way than how these pictures look (sorry Disney). It also had that lovely ‘old book’ smell.


1984, George Orwell

Also chosen by Suzanne, Retention & CRM Manager

On other end of the scale, I read 1984 last year for the first time, just because I thought I should. It’s very apt for these current political times and therefore slightly disturbing (…thats an understatement BTW) but at the end of the day I am very glad I picked it up. It’s definitely a book everyone should read.


The Shining, Stephen King

Chosen by Caroline, Service Excellence Manager

As a mad horror fan its perfect for me and scary as hell!!


Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, J K Rowling

Chosen by Hannah, Product Team

Harry Potter: All the Harry Potter books are extremely well written and entertaining but I have to say my favorite is the ‘Sorcerer’s Stone’. It’s where it all started! It takes you on Harry’s journey of discovery into the wizardry world and to me feels the most magical as it’s all new!


Let us know your favorite book of all time in the comments!

Feature image: Unsplash

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