Cats vs Dogs

It’s International Cat Day, so here at SimplyBe HQ we thought we’d introduce you to all of our pets by sharing some of our favorite pet pics and their weird and wonderful habits.  (We couldn’t just show off the cats though, as we have so many dogs between us!) And then you can help us settle the Cats vs Dogs debate once and for all. Place your votes at the bottom of this post!


Pandora the cat

Name: Pandora (AKA “Grumpy Old Bird”)
Age: No idea
Breed: No idea – a high maintenance one!
Likes: Daily prawns (probably the only reason she hangs around)
Dislikes: Everything and everyone, and using a cat flap (how demeaning, right?)
Strange Habit: Bouncing off walls to get away from humans
Belongs To: Fiona, International Business Analyst


Annie the dog

Name: Annie
Age: 6 months
Breed: Cocker Spaniel
Likes: Beanbags, chewing socks and shoes, her BFF Willow, cheese and carrots
Dislikes: Other dogs barking
Strange Habit: Loves having her hair washed and blow dried!
Belongs To: Katie, Commercial Planning Manager (International)

Daisy and Pablo

Daisy and Pablo kittens

Name: Daisy (Left)
Breed: Maine Coon Cross
Age: 7 months
Likes: Tuna, chicken, stealing Pandora’s prawns, fighting with her brother Pablo, cuddles, hiding in small spaces
Dislikes: The vacuum cleaner
Strange Habit: She makes chirping noises like a bird
Belongs To: Fiona, International Business Analyst

Name: Pablo (Right)
Breed: Maine Coon Cross
Age: 7 months
Likes: Meat, cheese, the great outdoors, chasing bees and and going on big adventures
Dislikes: Wearing a collar (he’s lost 3 already!)
Strange Habit: He can’t meow so he coughs to get attention
Belongs To: Fiona, International Business Analyst

Dear Prudence

Prudence the dog

Name: Dear Prudence (named after The Beatles song)
Breed: Miniature Schnauzer
Age: 16 months
Likes: Snuggles, belly kisses, chasing squirrels, cheese, digging up the garden, and ALL other doggies
Dislikes:  Squirrels, getting up in the morning, bicycles, pussycats and bananas
Strange Habit: Lying flat on her back with legs akimbo fast asleep
Belongs To: Caroline, International Service Excellence Manager


Bacchus the cat

Name: Bacchus (Roman God of Wine & Fertility)
Age: 5
Breed: Ragdoll
Likes:  Ruling the roost and eating the dog’s food
Dislikes: People invading his space
Strange Habit: Bringing slugs into the house concealed in his long hair (yuck!)
Belongs To: Sophie, International Digital Media Coordinator


Callie the dog

Name: Callie
Age: 3
Breed: Golden Retriever
Likes: Rice, people and cuddling up with mum and dad on the sofa
Dislikes: Loud noises
Strange Habit: Rolling down hills on her behind
Belongs To: Sophie, International Digital Media Coordinator


Cinnamon the cat

Name: Cinnamon
Age: 10
Breed: British Shorthair
Likes: Cheese and ham
Dislikes: Her diet food
Strange Habit: Racing up and down the stairs, settling on the 6th step to try to trip you over
Belongs To: Chloe, International eCommerce Executive


martha the dog

Name: Martha
Age: 6
Breed: Petit Basset Griffon Vendéen
Likes: Cheese!  She also likes a doggy massage, which is why she may turn her back on you
Dislikes: Cats. Even just hearing the word “cat” gets her upset
Strange Habit: Singing (i.e. howling) is Martha’s way of greeting her family
Belongs To: Jen, International CRM Coordinator


Hamish the dog

Name: Hamish (The Menace)
Age: 15 months
Breed: Miniature Schnauzer
Likes: Prosecco and coffee, human food and Nana’s shoes
Dislikes: Hairdryers and tree stumps (?!)
Strange Habit: Likes to dress up as a dinosaur
Belongs To:  Ashley, International Conversation Rate Optimisation Coordinator


Molly the dog

Name: Molly
Age: 4
Breed: Labrador/Collie Cross
Likes: All types of food, mice and rabbits, holding hands, toys, smiling
Dislikes: Not being given enough attention.
Strange Habit: She loves a good party!
Belongs To: Emily, International CRM Executive


Parker the cat

Name: Parker
Age: 12
Breed: Persian
Likes: The high life, luxury apartments, fine dining (tuna)
Dislikes: Cows and rain
Strange Habit: Sneaking into beds and sleeping on people’s heads
Belongs To: Rebecca, International eCommerce Executive


Zubin the dog

Name: Zubin
Age: 12
Breed: Chihuahua
Likes:  Chicken and ham, snow, early morning walks
Dislikes: Hot weather and geese
Strange Habit: Sits under tractors where he can’t be reached
Belongs To: Kayleigh, International Conversion Rate Optimisation Coordinator


Millie the dog

Name: Millie (Milton)
Age: 7
Breed: Chihuahua
Likes: Pine cones and savory snacks
Dislikes: Rain, cold weather, snow, wind
Strange Habit: Likes to sit in the driver’s seat in the car
Belongs To: Kayleigh, International Conversation Rate Optimisation Coordinator


Suzie the dog

Name: Suzie (AKA “Bat Dog”)
Breed:  German Shepherd/Collie
Age: 12
Likes: Chicken, the postman and humans
Dislikes: Cats and dog biscuits
Strange Habit: Being a lapdog (bit big for laps!)
Belongs To: Sarah, International Business Support Analyst

Lola the dog

Name: Lola
Age: 6
Breed: Springer Spaniel
Likes: Humans, walks, adventures, mud, swimming, balls, chasing ducks
Dislikes: Big dogs, sheep, the vacuum cleaner, any healthy food, the lead, the car
Strange Habit: Carries one shoe up to bed from the porch every night
Belongs To: Nichola, International Acquisition & CRM Manager


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