8 Types of Friend Everyone Needs

Today is Friendship Day and we wanted to celebrate… well… friendship! Here are the 8 types of friend we think everyone needs to have in their lives. How many do you recognise (and which ones are you!)?

The positivity guru.

This friend radiates optimism into your life and you’ll always need their positive influence to remind you that you’re great, life is amazing and every problem can be fixed.

The forever friend

You’ve known them forever and even though you have newer (sometimes cooler!) friends now, you know that when you get together nothing will have changed. You know each other’s pasts and that you can always count on them being there if you need them.

The fiercely loyal one

She knows your secrets, is non-judgemental and has your back no matter what. And once you tell her about that person who was mean to you, she is gonna hate them until their dying day.

The work bestie

You spend the majority of your time at work so you gotta have a work bestie to make those days go faster. You share all the office gossip, go for lunch together and if one of you suggests unplanned drinks after work, there’s no question – you’ll both be up for it!

The adventurous one

The daredevil friend who lives life to the full without worrying about the consequences is an important friend to have. Some might say they’re a bad influence, but they bring out your adventurous side, and how boring would your life be if you never tried anything new?

The brutally honest one

If you didn’t have her, how would you know when you were making an absolute fool of yourself over that guy, or that your favorite dress doesn’t suit you at all? You don’t have to agree with her, but you sure do need to hear her honest opinion now and again!

The wise one

They may be older than you or maybe just more sensible, but this friend is your life mentor. They are full of advice to help you deal with everything life throws at you.

The comic relief

Last but not least, the one who keeps you laughing through the good times and the bad. They may not offer any guidance but they do make you happy, and that’s special!


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