Life As A Social Media Assistant

Are you interested in a career in fashion or social media? We’ve sat down with Simply Be’s social media assistant, Rachel, to ask how she landed her role here at Simply Be HQ and tells us what life as a social media assistant entails.

How did you get into Social Media Marketing?

After studying Media at school I became really interested in PR/Social Media Marketing, I went on to university (collage) to study PR and Digital Communications Management and loved the social media area of it!


What do you do as a social media marketer?

I run the Simply Be Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts, each day I upload content to each channels and work to create different types of content. I work with bloggers and influencers on mini campaigns and also on wider campaigns. Also, I plan our blogger events, and different events such as the Curvy Con.


How did you land the role of social media marketing assistant?

I did an internship in my third year of uni to gain industry experience, then once I graduated I was looking for the ideal role, after months of applying and two interviews later I finally landed this job!


What’s your fav part of the job?

So many, I love working with our bloggers and seeing the amazing images of them in Simply Be, I love the great feedback we get from customers when we share how amazing our bloggers look, and I love how many different people I get to know through my job!


Have you worked on any big projects that you’re particularly proud of?

Planning the first ever blogger dinner I’d ever worked on, seeing the end result of our booth at the Curvy Con, growing our social channels and getting to 50K Instagram followers!


What type of people are you in contact with on a daily basis?

Day to day I speak to all the bloggers we work with old and new, I’ll speak to writers and editors who might want to feature Simply Be in their magazines/websites, and I’ll speak to different teams around the business as we all work together.


Do you have any advice for anyone wanting to get into social media?

Experience is great to have, I learnt a lot doing an internship that really benefitted me when I began my role. Also, be open minded and it’s good to take risks!


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