Perfect Date Outfit Ideas

Whatever your date plans are, we have the perfect look. Solve all your outfit dilemmas with these perfect date outfit ideas!

Date outfit: Drinks

We’ve all been in the situation – he’s asked you out for drinks but the unclear dress code starts to get you stressing. This is why jeans and a nice top is the classic combo. If you are unsure as to what classes as a ‘nice top’ go for something red – psychology studies have found that it enhances men’s attraction to women!

Shop this look:

Magenta frill blouse; Skinny jeans; Laser cut shoe boots; Silver clutch bag

Date outfit: Picnic

You can’t go wrong with a cute and flirty floral day dress. Keep in mind that most men don’t follow the latest women’s trends so won’t appreciate anything ultra-fashionable so it’s best to opt for something simple but cute. A smock dress or skater dress with a little room is ideal so that you can snack to your heart’s content!

Shop this look:

Mini ruffle dress; Shoulder bag; Sandals

Date outfit: Fancy meal

For this type of date it’s all about the LBD. Remember, if he’s taking you out for a fancy meal it means he’s definitely interested – so it’s time for you to find the perfect deal-breaker dress. This will be different for everyone so find a cut and style that enhances your best assets and if you feel good in what you’re wearing you’ll ooze confidence and look great!

Shop this look:

Cold shoulder dress; Metallic heels; Clutch bag

Date outfit: Concert

If there’s a chance it’s going to get hot opt for something sleeveless to keep you cool, and something you’ll be comfortable enough to dance in all night long. Mules are the perfect shoe if you want a little height but need comfort, especially when you’re going to be on your feet all night.

Shop this look:

PU wet look leggings; Choker neck sleeveless top; Mules; Snake clutch bag

Date outfit: Movies

The movies are one of the most casual settings for a date so show him that you’re a natural beauty (but one that still knows how to dress well!) Jeans, a T-shirt and flats is the obvious combination, but add a touch of style with some embroidery or badges.

Shop this look:

Motif boyfriend jeans; Tie front T-shirt; Knot flats; Bowler bag

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