How to Beat the Monday Blues

There are a lot of reasons you might feel blue on a Monday morning, but if you choose to focus on the positive there’s plenty to be cheerful about too (no matter how small those things are!) Check out our list of little ways to get you through Monday in a positive way.

Make your alarm less depressing

Music always helps, so choose an uplifting song to be the first thing you hear each day. And it doesn’t have to end there. Pull together a Monday playlist of your happiest tunes to see you through.

Spend some time on your breakfast

Instead of snoozing your alarm (which probably won’t get you enough extra sleep anyway), why not spend a little extra time on breakfast. Make yourself something delicious that you really want to eat, then take sit back and actually enjoy eating it.

Tasty breakfast

Wear something that makes you feel amazing      

When you look great, you feel great; even if it is Monday morning. So pull together a confidence-boosting outfit; make sure your hair and makeup are fabulous; and then you can leave the house in style.

Monday outfit

Do something interesting on your lunch break

If you’re working this Monday you’ll probably be counting the hours until lunch, so make sure it’s worth it! Don’t just sit at your desk or work through it. Go for a walk; go shopping; meet up with a friend… anything that makes you happy.

Set some goals to get you focussed

Get motivated for the week with a short term “to do” list and also some longer term goals to give you direction in everything you do. Forward thinking is a great way to inspire yourself.

Do something nice for someone

If you spread some positive vibes you’re sure to feel happier. It doesn’t even have to be a big thing – you could just text your friend with a compliment that she wasn’t expecting or bring your colleagues a delicious treat.

Make weekend plans

And when all else fails, remember there’s only 5 days until weekend and that’s plenty of time to distract yourself by making incredible plans!Fry-YAY

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