Is Baby Driver the Movie of the Summer?

Baby Driver is the much anticipated original film from British director Edgar Wright. The film has been over 20 years in the making with Wright first having a vision of a high speed car chase while listening to “Bellbottoms” 22 years ago. Wright’s original vision comes to life in the incredible opening scene involving an amazingly choreographed car chase set in perfect harmony to “Bellbottoms” which gives the audience a first look at the key role that music will play in Baby Driver.

The soundtrack is a music lovers dream with the film acting as a music video at times. This has been a criticism of the film however there is no denying that isn’t fun to watch and isn’t that the point of the cinema, to be entertained? Baby’s walk to a coffee shop at the start of the film set to the Harlem Shuffle is brilliant to watch; it will have you tapping your foot along to the beat as Baby bops along the street with a smile on your face.

Listen to the soundtrack here.

The action scenes and car chases are beautifully choreographed to the carefully chosen tracks which pump through Baby’s headphones and the outcome is genius; it is pure high intensity action the eyes and ears. At one point in the movie Baby make his comrades wait to start their heist until he finds the perfect track highlighting how key the music is for Baby and setting the tone and pace of the unfolding action.

Baby getting ready for the heist. Image: Allstar/Sony Pictures

The mash-up of action packed heists and car chases paired with a unique soundtrack that plays such a key role in the film makes it difficult to define what genre it should sit in. The premise of the story line suggests action thriller however with the action sequences playing out like a carefully crafted musical it is clear that Baby Driver is much more than your average action thriller.

Ansel Elgort does an amazing job of playing reluctant getaway driver Baby. He manages to convey Baby’s nonchalance to his early team of gangsters and their heist without speaking a word, he simply carries on listening to one of his many iPod’s and pulls out another pair of sunglasses in his own quirky manner.  His awkwardness around chatty waitress Debbie, played by Lily James, reminds you that Baby is still a just a kid who ended up trapped in a world of crime by Doc (Kevin Spacey).

Ansel Elgort and Lily James in Baby Driver. Image: Allstar/Sony Pictures

The cast is littered with stars who bring the elements of humour to Baby Driver with their stereotypical gangster characterizations. The final action scene was arguably the weakest of the film, it was slightly too long and dramatic when compared with the others, however Jon Hamm bought the intensity during these moments which carried it through.

With franchise films and remakes being the big trend in Hollywood it is refreshing to see an original stand-alone film that can be enjoyed by a wide audience. Even if car chases and heists aren’t your thing this film is still an enjoyable watch that will get you hooked on Baby’s struggle to do the right thing.  So is this the film of the summer? Yes, it is going to take another La La Land to knock Baby Driver off the top spot for this summer.


Feature Image: Allstar/Sony Pictures

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