How to Dominate the Dress Game for Fall 2017

It’s getting to another awkward time of the year where you’re unsure what to buy. If you get something summery will you get your wear out of it before summer comes to a close? But is it too early to start getting things for fall? The answer is no, the cooler days are coming faster than you think and it’s time to get ahead of the game. See the top 5 dress trends to watch out for here.

The Slip Dress

The slip dress is set to be presented in a new light this fall. It will be styled to be seasonally appropriate, layered over shirts and turtle necks. This look will be prominent in the market for advertising cooler styles with a focus on embellishment, patterns and velvet.

High Neck 

Channel your inner vintage vibes this fall in the high neck midi dress. The high neck remains to be a popular trend for fall but this is no longer limited to sweaters. This look is your new city staple, so ideal for weekend attire! Designers have steered away from the body con fit and gone for a more relaxed appearance.


The asymmetric shoulder is set to be the cold shoulder’s biggest rival with the 80’s trend leading the field this year. Again the midi length is predicted to be the most popular for fall incorporating statement strap detail, perfect for those fall occasions.


Prepare for peplum waists and frill shoulders and sleeves as ruffles continue to be a key detail in dresses. A mixture of small, medium, sleek and unstructured frills will appear on dresses through the fall season so even darker tones have some added personality.

Cold Shoulder

Of course the cold shoulder cannot be forgotten about when moving into fall. Think elegance as silks, satins and lace appear to be the perfect textures for this look creating effortless style leading up to the party season.

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