Top 10 Vacation Packing Tips

Don’t let the stress of packing your case take away the excitement of your summer vacation. Here are our top 10 vacation packing tips to make the whole thing a lot easier! Now all you have to do is enjoy your trip.

Vacation packing tips - suitcase

1. Make a list

Use a list so you can check off things as you pack them – it’ll give you peace of mind!

2. Roll with it

To save space and prevent creases, roll your clothes instead of folding them

3. Totally pants

To make use of every inch of your case, pack your panties, socks and small items last, filling all the gaps. And don’t forget to fill your shoes too!

4. No spoiler alerts

The last thing you want is a shampoo-coated case so pop a layer of plastic film over the top of your bottle (under the cap) to create a seal.

5. Buy abroad

If you’re struggling with the weight of your luggage, think whether you need to be taking all your toiletries. Most holiday destinations will have stores where you can buy products. Sometimes they may be a little pricier, but it will still be less than the cost of excess baggage!

6. Put electricals in the middle

Create an automatic protective barrier around your electricals (such as straighteners) by popping them in the middle of your case not at the bottom or top.

7. Sharing is caring

Travelling with friends? Make sure that each of you have a couple of outfits and necessities in each other’s cases. This means that if the worst was to happen and a case gets lost, you all have a couple of outfits to keep you going.

8. That’s mine!

Make sure you know exactly which case is yours! Add a ribbon, sticker or keyring to make it stand out. You’ll feel a wave of relief as soon as you see it, and you’ll prevent that ‘luggage carousel anxiety’ which is always fun.

9. Don’t stress

Remember that in most holiday destinations there is not much that you won’t be able to buy so don’t stress about remembering everything down to the kitchen sink. The most important bits to remember are:

Passport (and check it is in date!)

Visas (if necessary)




Flight tickets

Hotel documents

10. Enjoy your vacation!


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