How to Spread the Love This Summer

It is 50 years since the infamous summer of love in San Francisco. While the hippy movement did have its dark side, it was founded on love and compassion. Leaving your life behind for a carefree summer of love might not be a viable option anymore but here are a few ideas on how to spread the love this summer.


Yes, It really is that simple. You never know the impact you could have on someone by simply smiling at them as you pass them in the grocery store. Plus the more you smile, the better you will feel.


Don’t just talk, listen. Show an interest in what the people in your life (or strangers) have been doing and their feelings; ask them questions and listen to their answers.

Give a gift

This doesn’t have to be an expensive gift or cost anything at all. Show someone that you care by making the gift thoughtful. Have a friend who loves sweet treat but struggles to find good gluten free brownies? Bake them some. Even if you aren’t a master baker, chances are the gesture will still put a smile on their face.

An act of random kindness

You can’t plan a act of random kindness however if an opportunity hasn’t come your way yet you can always try one of these. Next time your moving the lawn or sweeping leaves, ask your neighbour if they need a hand with theirs. If you are out getting coffee and have a bit of extra cash get a suspended one or pay for the person next in line.

Compliment one person a day

We often think someone did a good job or looks nice but we don’t always say it even though we know if will make them feel better. If you like someone’s outfit, tell them. If you like their new haircut, tell them. Thought someone did a really good presentation at work, tell them.

Say thank-you

If someone helps you make sure you let them know that you are grateful. Send a thank-you card, bake them cookies or send flowers; It’s a small gesture but will make them feel appreciated.


Get in touch with a local charity or shelter and see if they need an extra pair of hands for a few hours. If you don’t have anywhere near by or can’t commit to volunteering for a charity why not volunteer to help a friend write their resume or decorate their home one afternoon.

Make time for yourself

Making others happy is important however it is easy to forget about making yourself happy. Take some time that is just for you each week whether it is having a relaxing bubble bath, getting your nails done or sitting down with a good book.  Plus the more self-love and happiness you have, the more likely you are to pass that on to others- it’s a win-win!

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I work in the ecommerce team for Simply Be’s sister brand, JD Williams. When I am not in the office I can usually be found at the cinema or at the local pub enjoying a drink or two. My favourite way to relax at home is a long bubble bath with a good book or binge watching a boxset.

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