How to Do 4th July Right!

AMERICANS come together on 4th July to celebrate Independence Day and what better way to mark the occasion than to throw your own 4th July party? Take style pointers from Taylor Swift who always looks the part in patriotic colours, and have fun experimenting with ways to show your patriotism!

Taylor throws an annual party to celebrate the 4th of July. Usual attendees include her squad, the pop music elite and supermodels all sporting red white and blue. Take inspiration from her previous parties because they look totally awesome!

Bake something special

Bake an American Flag Cake and have fun decorating it with friends! Why not try out some of our tasty and easy cake recipes?

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Have a red, white and blue theme

Here’s Taylor Swift with her good friend Ed Sheeran both dressed in patriotic colours. For your party insist on a dress code of blue, white and red, and and decorate your pad with American flags. Remember – it’s only 4th July once a year!

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Outdoor fun

Get out and enjoy the sunshine! What better way to do it then on a giant slip slide! You can rent these or create your own DIY version!

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Snap the occasion

Here’s Taylor and her squad posing for the ultimate patriotic party photo! Grab your girls, some flags, a camera and POSE!

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Will you be celebrating with a 4th July party this year?

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