Best Pretty Little Liars Moments

With the final episode airing in just a few days, June 27th for anyone who hasn’t already marked their calendar, here is a rundown of our favourite PLL moments over the years.

The first text

Who didn’t love the moment that it all started and caught our intrigue?

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Hanna & Caleb in the shower

If you weren’t already shipping ‘Haleb’ you definitely were after this steamy moment.

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Immortality Darlings

All the girls going back to this iconic memory made us all start to think that Alison may not been as innocent as she first seemed.

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Toby Is A

This has to be one of the most shocking moments of PLL and broke our hearts. Thankfully it was all done to protect Spencer, our hearts knew Toby couldn’t go really go bad.

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Ali is alive

Only Alison could come back from the ‘dead’ with this much sass and we love her for it.

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Emily coming out to her dad

This was a really sweet moment between Emily and her Dad who fully accepted who she was.

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Mona escaping Radley

We all knew Mona wouldn’t be locked up forever and her cunning escape was brilliant to watch.

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Spencer goes to Radley

This was a dark time but props to the PLL team who made mental illness a part of its storyline to let us know that it can happen to any of us.

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Bitch can see

Aria took the words right out of our mouths after Jenna’s eye surgery.

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It was nice to see the liars enjoying the holidays for once with their other half’s plus the Santa shorts were a treat for us too.

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The Dollhouse

The episodes in the dollhouse had us all on the edge of our seat with the suspense wondering what would happen next and when would we finally see A.

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Escape from the Dollhouse

While we enjoyed the horror of the Dollhouse, the relief of the escape and the girls being reunited with their loved ones was emotional.

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Back in Rosewood

As much as we wanted to Liars lives to move on we’ve secretly glad they all ended up back in Rosewood together.

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Getting back together

It may be predicable that the liars are going to all end up back with their first loves but we couldn’t be happier to end on a good note.

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As much as we hate to admit it, PLL would be nothing without the twisted games of A and we are definitely going to miss our favourite psychopath.

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Let us know what your favourite PLL moment is and your predictions for who A is going to on social or in the comments below.

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