What is Body Confidence Anyway?

Some of us have plenty of it, and if we don’t then we know that want it! But what exactly is body confidence and how can we get it? Our three fabulous SS17 models tell us what body confidence means to them:

Denise Bidot

“When you feel good in certain style, just rock it!”

“I’d be lying if I said I didn’t love my waist. But I also love the cellulite and the stretch marks that surround it”


Marquita Pring

“Body confidence starts with self love”

“Surrounding myself with strong powerful women that embrace themselves is what it’s all about.”


Iskra Lawrence

“Body confidence for me is loving your body for more than just what it looks like.”


And here’s what some of us thought:

Body confidence is…

“Being happy with how you look right now without feeling like you have to change anything”

“Feeling like I’m in charge of what I do with my body. I can do what I want, whether it’s losing weight or shaving my legs or wearing certain clothes!”

“Loving and embracing who you are and celebrating how you look”

“Wearing what you want and not bothering what anyone might think of you, as long as you’re happy”

“Knowing that you look great each day, no matter what your current weight is. And just being happy with who you are!”


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