5 Movies to Get You in the Mood For Summer

Looking for a movie that will get you in the mood for summer? Check out our favorite summer movies filled with summer romance, endless days in the sunshine and lots of laughs.


The film may span the entire school year but there is something about the Grease soundtrack that makes you long for summer vacation and ‘those summer nights’. Anyone else wished that there was carnival and group musical finale to mark the end of their high school days?

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Dirty Dancing

A summer vacation spent at a holiday camp with your parents doesn’t sound like the perfect place for a summer romance filled with secret dance parties and an epic soundtrack, however it worked for daddy’s girl Baby and bad boy dancer Johnny. How many of you are planning to recreate the iconic lake scene in the pool this summer?

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American Pie 2

Renting a lake house for the summer with your best friends sound like the perfect summer right? Jim’s ongoing mission to get the girl ends up with him in more than one sticky situation (quite literally). This teen comedy will have you laughing and cringing at its many awkward moments. Let’s just hope that our summer has less embarrassing moments than Jim and the gang.

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Sisterhood of the travelling pants

Following four friends as they all take on different summer adventures from soccer camp by the beach to staying with family in picturesque Greece. This movie of firsts is filled with romance, heartbreak and self-discovery. Be warned, there are a few tear jerking moments so make sure you have got the tissues at the ready.

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The Notebook

Dream about first love and watch the ultimate summer romance with Allie and Noah. The small town setting of New Bern, North Carolina with its carnival, quaint ice cream shop and beautiful lake provides the perfect backdrop and will have you desperate to head to the southern states. Just pray that your summer romance isn’t blocked by your interfering mother.

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What are you favorite movies to watch in the summer? Let us know in the comments below or on social!

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