Who Are You in the Group Selfie?

Whether it’s cocktail night, a day out or a weekend away, you’re with the girls and it’s time for that group selfie. You need to show everyone how much fun you’re having, but this isn’t as easy as it seems. Whether there are 3 of you or 10 of you everyone needs to look their best! And we’re sure you have at least one of each of these selfie characters in your group. Which one are you?

The Poser

This gal has already been practicing in the mirror before she’s left the house. She’s the selfie queen of the group and she’s made sure her make-up is flawless and her hair looks effortless. She tends to go for the pout (especially after a cocktail or two) or a half smile with smouldering eyes.


The Complainer

She’s happy taking a picture with her girls but when it’s the 8th try and one of you is still saying ‘I don’t like that, take another’ you tend to find her sat down on a bench or at the back of the group doing this…


The Updater

The selfie is done and she’s made sure to choose the best Instagram filter to make you look as gorgeous as ever (not like we need a filter). When it’s uploaded she’ll continually keep you updated with how many likes the picture gets just to prove that everyone looks amazing. “OMG guys we’re in double digits!”


The Joker

This girl doesn’t take anything too seriously. Similar to the complainer she gets bored of taking the same photo more than a few times so she tends to start pulling faces like this…

Before you know it the whole group has joined in, it’s contagious!  Release the weirdness!


The Proud One

Last but certainly not least, this girl is by far our favorite. She spends time patting everyone else on the back giving them a well done for looking so good…almost to the point where you think she would probably be crying about it if she was drunk. “My friends are so beautiful!”

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