Wonder Woman Film Review

Not seen Wonder Woman yet? We don’t blame you for being wary, after all, the first introduction to the new Wonder Woman was in Batman vs Superman which wasn’t well received by critics or fans of the DC universe.  Despite this, Wonder Woman has exceeded all expectations to become a box office success and a firm fan favorite.

Starting in modern day Paris, Diana (Godot) recalls her childhood on the idyllic Island of Themyscira, home of the Amazons, a tribe of women created by the gods. The Amazons abandoned man’s world after a giant war but the tribe is still devoted to maintaining their fighting skills in case they are ever called upon to fight once more. The crash landing of Steve Trevor (Pine) into Themyscira pulls Diana into the turmoil and chaos that is the world of men.

The film is visually stunning, and not just because of Gal Gadot’s undeniable beauty. The rocky island of Themyscira is beautiful with its endless foliage and dazzling turquoise waters. While the setting of WW1 isn’t as appealing to the eye as a hidden mystical island, the cinematography must be applauded with its realistic depiction of war in the trenches.

(Warning: The rest of the article contains spoilers)

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The fight scenes, as expected for a superhero movie, are well choreographed; the movement of the Amazons in the first fight scene is incredible to watch as their years of fierce training battle with German guns pay off. Even if you are not a fan of the superhero genre, this is an action film that is still worth a watch. Diana’s compassion for all life and her determination to save and protect mankind gives the fight scenes more depth and emotion than usually seen in a superhero film.

It is refreshing to see a good-hearted superhero who is driven by her humanity and compassion to save mankind simply because it is the right thing to do. Her fearlessness of going over the tops into no man’s land could be put down to her naivety of mankind and the realities of war, however without her perseverance and self-belief that she can end the war, she wouldn’t be Wonder Woman.

wonder woman film review

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The relationship between Diana and Steve is arguably one of the best superhero and sidekick pairings that cinema has seen. Gadot and Pine’s chemistry will make you smile, laugh and even shed a tear. It is a triumph for feminism as Diana and Steve treat each other as equals; they can both hold their own in a fight, although Diana is no doubt the stronger fighter, and strive to do what they believe is right, but their flaws are not ignored and are often highlighted by the other. More importantly, they inspire each other to be better; it is Diana’s compassionate determination that causes Steve and the gang to carry with their efforts to stop the war and it is Steve’s selfless sacrifice which gives Diana her strength in the final battle.

The film gives a hopeful ending with the notion that men are both good and bad but it is the good nature of man and love that keeps us going and will win in the end. As Steve explains to Diana, a war isn’t just caused by one man’s actions and ending one certainly isn’t as simple as killing one man; a thought which certainly still rings true today.

Rating:  4.5 stars 

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