7 Reasons Girls Should Compliment Each Other

Being complimented feels pretty great, but do we give compliments to other girls as much as we could? Probably not… but here’s why we should all be making more of an effort to say nice things to each other:

1. Because a compliment from a fellow female genuinely feels special!

Like those drunken moments on nights out where you bond with random strangers and just praise the hell out of each other. Yeah, those moments are magic!



2. Because girls should be lifting each other up, not tearing each other down.

We can all win at life without competing with each other!

3. Because it’s empowering!

You are confident and happy with who you are, and sharing that feeling with other cuties just reinforces it.

4. Because you’ll genuinely make someone’s day.

Being complimented feels great, so why wouldn’t you want someone to feel like that?

5. Because jealousy and negativity distract you from achieving your goals.

They are time consuming emotions and never lead to anything good, so what’s the point?!

6. Because it sets a great example.

To other girls and also to guys!

7. Because seeing the positive in everyone will make you way happier than being petty.

They’re happy; you’re happy. Everyone’s happy!

So make it your mission to share some positivity with some girls who deserve it today!

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